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Butterfly Trench Knife Plasma

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Weight 0.7 lbs

The BK-103 is a heavy duty well built knuckle butterfly trench knife. This unique piece has a 5″ half serrated blade and a 6″ stainless steel handle, for an overall length of 11″. The slicing power of the blade is heightened by the added feature of a metal knuckle guard which easily screws onto the handle giving you extra protection in close combat. And its fun plasma color adds to the appeal of this must-have tool! For easy removal, the knuckle guard can be taken off should you ever need it removed. Perfect for close range self defense or everyday carry use, this high quality combination will become your go to when you need something that does more than one job.

Product Features:

– 11” Overall Length

– 5” Half Serrated Blade

– 6” Stainless Steel Handle

– Heavy Duty & Well Built Knuckle Butterfly Trench Knife

– All Metal Construction & Super Sharp Blade

– Extra Protection with Metal Knuckle Guard Attachment

– Fun Plasma Color Adds to Appeal

– Easy Removal if Knuckle Guard is Not Wanted