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2 Piece Throwing Knife Black/Gold Color BioHazard

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The TK2-107 Throwing Knife Set is a great choice for beginning and intermediate throwers. The 2 pieces are made from 440 stainless steel and feature a unique black and gold color with Biohazard detail. Each knife measures 9.0 inches long and comes complete with sheath pouch for storing and carrying the knives safely. This set offers superior balance, accuracy, long-term durability, and fantastic design to fit any throwing style imaginable.

Product Features:

– 2 Piece throwing knife set made of durable 440 stainless steel.

– Unique black and gold color design with biohazard details

– Both knives measure 9 inches in length making them perfect for beginning to intermediate throwers.

– Includes convenient protective sheath pouch so you can store your knives without worry.

– Highly balanced design ensures accuracy and precision when throwing at targets.

– Great design which allows the knife to fit most throwing styles.