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Dummy Cameras

What is a Dummy Camera?

One of the most important elements of any good surveillance system is the camera. Both monitoring your premises and deterring potential intrusions require them. If potential criminals see surveillance cameras then they’re less likely to break into your house. But when costs come into play, there may be better options available than a costly surveillance system.

Because the costs associated with using actual video surveillance equipment has made some people resort to using fake or decoys instead, without the cost of actually buying the equipment. Dummy cameras are fake security surveillance equipment designed to resemble actual security surveillance equipment, but they lack some of the features and functionality of genuine security surveillance equipment. They are also called fake security cameras, simulated cameras, or decoy cameras. However, don’t be fooled into thinking these won’t be the the level of security you just might need.

Benefits to Using a Dummy Camera

Dummy security camera installations offer several advantages including:

Price – Buying fake cameras is much cheaper compared to purchasing a full security system, making them an option worth considering. These devices don’t require any of the elements that go into making a real working camera since there’s no need to record footage. Fake security cameras merely need to be mounted into place and you’re not require monitoring equipment, a DVR, or any of the other components that go into making a working CCTV system. You might be able to outfit your entire house with fake security systems for the price of one or two functional ones.

Installation – Dummy cameras don’t require any additional hardware beyond mounting them to the ceiling or walls. Dummies with light bulbs powered by batteries (or possibly solar powered) require no outside power source for their lighting system which is a bit of an ease on the electric bill. Installing a dummy cam is usually as easy as redecorating your room. Once installed, no maintenance is required other than changing out a battery or perhaps a dusting. One advantage of easy camera replacement is that it makes it easier to replace cameras. Dummy camera systems are usually made from sturdy materials so they can withstand wear and tear. However, replacing them every few years to give the illusion of an updated security profile isn’t too difficult.

Deterrent – A deterrent may discourage people from performing criminal Installing fake security cameras in your property may stop some criminals more so than if there were no visible cameras on the property. No one wants to run the risk of getting caught. Thieves may be deterred by the prospect of being captured and punished for their crimes. Our high quality dummy cameras are so realistic that they’re almost indistinguishable from real ones. Fake Cameras are better than nothing. Combining them with stickers and yard stakes makes them even more effective.

Variety – Just like working cameras, dummy cameras for security come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, such as the fake security cameras with red light and motion detectors.

Peace of Mind – As a property owner, knowing you have some security measures installed to help deter crime can put your mind sense of security.

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