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Hidden Cameras

There are many reasons why we need to record our surroundings. 

Many crimes are committed every day without being caught due to lack of evidence. Evidence can be lost or destroyed so that the victim cannot prove his case. To protect yourself and rights against such situations, you should get a video camera installed in your home. 


Thieves are known to be sneaky people who love to take advantage of situations where no one is watching them. They’ll often try to conceal themselves within plain sight, hoping that no one notices what they’re doing. But if you’ve got a good surveillance setup, you should be able to catch shoplifters red handed because your cameras are designed to blend in perfectly with the surroundings, they’ll hardly ever draw attention to themselves. Some hidden cameras can be hidden in plain sight or you can tuck them between other objects and thieves would be none the wiser. In addition to that, they’re incredibly easy to install too, meaning you shouldn’t have any problems getting them set up.


Many hidden camera devices disguise themselves as ordinary items like eyeglasses, phone chargers, and even writing pens, but some of the best disguised spy cams are those that actually have two purposes. If you have two of the exact same objects in the same room, one real and one that’s just an electronic device disguised as something else, then it might look a bit strange. 

Motion Activated

Our cameras automatically start recording whenever they detect motion. So you won’t need to watch hours of unused footage and you won’t drain your batteries and when you’re not using them, our cameras will last for several hours before needing to be recharged.

Peace of Mind

Parents should feel confident about leaving their children in the hands of others because they have an obligation to make sure their kids are safe. That’s why a hidden camera may be the perfect solution for your family. A hidden camera can help you keep tabs on your kids without having to worry about being seen. They’ll be able to see everything that happens in your kids’ lives from anywhere in the world. And if something does happen, then you’ll be able to catch it on video.

If you’re a victim of a burglary, theft, or other crime, the hidden cameras can capture the events on a memory card. After reporting the incident to the authorities, they can use the footage from your camera to identify the culprits, gather more information, and even prosecute them if necessary.

Record as you go!

Hidden cameras don’t need to just be an item sitting stationary on a shelf or countertop. We offer some of our cameras that can be worn! We offer wireless hidden video recording devices so you can install them yourself without having to pay someone else to run wires through your wall or simply tote them along with you. Get your hidden video recorder today, so you can start using it immediately once it arrives.

No batteries needed

Easy to recharge! Simply use the USB charging cord provided and plug into a wall adaptor, computer, or any other power source.

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