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Butterfly Knife Black

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The BK-104 is an exquisite butterfly knife sure to impress. Featuring a straight back blade crafted from stainless steel that is tapered and angled upward for a superior cut, this folding knife is both a handsome accessory and sturdy utility tool. The 5″ handle is made of stainless steel and is finished with a smooth, comfortable surface. It features tactical cutouts and a light weight design that’s well balanced for solid flipping action. The handle also has a safety latch to help keep the knife locked when it’s not in use. Not just easy on the eyes, the BK-104 packs serious performance as well.

Product Features:

– 9″ overall length with 4″ blade

– Stainless steel blade is tapered and angled upward for a superior cut

– 5″ stainless steel handle with smooth finish for comfortable grip

– Lightweight design for balance during flipping

– Tactical cutouts built into handle

– Safety latch locks knife when not in use

– Black handle and black blade