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Water Overflow Sensor Attachment

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Weight 0.1 lbs

The PAL-OVERFLOW is a revolutionary water overflow sensor that easily connects to the existing PAL-1 or PAL-1LIGHT home security system. Featuring a sleek and modern design, this device is perfect for preventing water damage and flooding at your home. The attachment comes with a suction cup for easy mounting, so you can position it anywhere around potential danger points like washing machines, water heaters and bathtubs. If any contact with water is detected – whether from an overflowing sink, bathtub or pipe breakage – it will instantly sound the alarm and alert you to the situation. Now homeowners can be immediately notified of floods before any serious damage occurs.

Product Features:

– Easily connects to existing PAL-1 or PAL-1LIGHT security systems

– Sleek modern design

– Comes with a suction cup for easy mounting

– Instantly sounds the alarm when water contact is detected

– Protects against water overflow or flooding near washing machines, water heaters & bathtubs

– Prevents damage before it’s too late