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Nap Alarm

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The NZ-1 Nap Alarm is the perfect device for anyone who has ever felt drowsy while driving or needs to stay alert while on duty. Featuring a comfortable over-the-ear design with an electronic position sensor, it will sound a loud alarm when your head nods forward, instantly waking you up and alerting your passengers. The NZ-1 is designed not just for drivers but also for security guards, machine operators, students and anyone else who needs to remain alert. An essential tool for those long drives or late-night study sessions, it makes the perfect gift for friends or family members too.

Product Features:

– Over-the-ear design with an electronic position sensor that detects head nodding and sounds a loud alarm.

– Perfectly designed for drivers and people who need to be fully alert while on duty such as security guards, machine operators and students studying or needing concentration.

– Makes a great gift; perfect for friends and family members.

– Powered by three AG3 alkaline button cell batteries (included).