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Shave Cream Diversion Safe

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Interior dimensions of safe 1 ¾” x 3 ¼”

Additional information

Weight 0.41 lbs

The DS-Shave Diversion Safe is the perfect place to hide your valuables from curious eyes. This unique security product looks and feels like an ordinary can of shaving cream, but the container actually has a secret compartment for you to discreetly store your most important items. Inside the container is a removable top and bottom, making it indistinguishable from other products around your home. It also has a weight that gives it a full feeling, so nobody will guess what’s really inside. In addition, this diversion safe features an easy-to-open lid, so you can quickly take out or put in items as needed. With its compact size and realistic design, you can keep your valuables safe in plain sight with this discreet security solution from DS-Shave.

Product Features:

– Discreetly store valuables with a realistic design

– Weighted for a full feel just like any regular shaving cream can

– Removable top & bottom so nobody would suspect there’s something hidden inside

– Offers easy access to all stored items at anytime

– Compactly sized so it can easily be placed within shelves & drawers

– Can blend in with other household products around the house