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Engine Degreaser

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Interior dimensions of safe 1 ¾” x 4″

Additional information

Weight 0.75 lbs

The DS-ENGINE Engine Degreaser Diversion Safe is the perfect product to hide and secure personal items. This inconspicuous safe has a large interior able to store items up to 1 ¾” x 4″ and is disguised as an engine cleaner packaging, making it difficult for an intruder or thief to find. The tough plastic exterior will ensure contents remain safe from prying eyes and keep your valuables away from burglars. It includes mounting screws for a quick set up in your home, garage, or vehicle.

Product Features:

– Large interior dimensions of 1 ¾” x 4″.

– Disguised as an engine cleaner package – increases concealment and security.

– High impact molding resists attack.

– Includes mounting screws for fast installation in virtually any location.

– Perfect for hiding cash, keys, important documents and other valuables at home or on the go.

– Great defense against theft or intruders that might search common household goods for weapons or money stores.

– Can be used in the car or anywhere else it can be secured with screws.