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Mace® Personal Model Hot Pink 10% Pepper Spray


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Weight 0.2 lbs

The 80726 MACE® 10% PEPPERGARD is the ideal personal protection tool. This superior formula of high-grade OC pepper is designed to make an aggressor’s eyes slam shut, causes them to choke and cough uncontrollably, plus a painful burning sensation to further deter attack. Crafted as a small, compact keychain carry case with a flip-top safety cap and finger grip dispenser, this unit offers you peace of mind in any situation with its 18 gram capacity of 10 one-second bursts that can reach up to 8-12 feet away. Now available in Hot Pink for stylish personal protection.

Product Features:

– Crafted as an easy and convenient keychain carry case.

– Contains 10 one second bursts of high grade OC pepper spray.

– Flip top safety cap and finger grip dispenser make it easy to use.

– Reaches up to 8–12 feet away allowing plenty of distance between user and attacker.

– Can cause aggressors eyes to slam shut, cause uncontrolled coughing, choking and breaths difficulty upon contact along with a painful burning sensation

– Comes in Hot Pink for stylish personal protection.