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Mace® PepperGard Police Pepper Spray


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Weight 0.27 lbs

The 80750 MACE® 10% PEPPER GUARD is a superior formula of police-grade OC pepper that delivers an incredibly powerful and effective self defense weapon. It’s designed to cause intense burning pain and irritation, making the eyes slam shut, causes uncontrollable coughing and choking, plus a painful burning sensation.

This same size model is used by law enforcement personnel, so you can trust in its performance. Ideal for auto or home use, it also features a flip-top safety cap, finger grip dispenser, belt clip and keychain. The 17 gram unit sprays 8-12 feet with 10 one second bursts of powered OC pepper spray that is sure to stop any attacker in their tracks.

Product Features:

– Police grade self defense weapon

– Delivers uncomfortable burning sensation

– Causes intense eye irritation and uncontrollable coughing & choking

– Can spray 8-12 feet away with 10 one second bursts

– Same size model used by law enforcement personnel

– Ideal for auto or home use

– Features flip top safety cap & finger grip dispenser

– Also has belt clip & keychain attachment