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Wildfire Pepper Gel


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Wildfire Pepper Gel available in 2 oz. and 4 oz.

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2 oz, 4 oz

The WildFire WF-GEL pepper gel spray gives you powerful protection from an attack with the highest heat level available; 1.4% major capsaicinoids. It causes an attacker extreme pain, swells their mucous membranes to cause difficulty breathing, and swells the veins in their eyes so they can’t see. These effects can last up to 45 minutes and cause no permanent damage. The nonflammable formula also contains a UV identifying dye to help identify the attacker.

This powerful weapon sticks to the target like glue, making wiping it or rubbing it off ineffective, ensuring your safety whether you’re outdoors or in close proximity indoors. The long-range range of this particular pepper spray enables you to protect yourself more effectively than ever before; even from a distance up to 25 feet away.

Product Features:

– Contains 1.4% Major Capsaicinoids for maximum protection

– Swells mucous membranes, causing difficulty breathing

– Swells veins in eyes, causing temporary vision loss

– Lasts up to 45 minutes and causes no permanent damage

– Contains UV identifying dye for easier identification of an attacker

– Pepper Gel acts like glue on target

– Nonflammable and less contaminating formula

– Longer range of up to 25 feet away