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WildFire™ 1.4% MC Pepper Spray Stream


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2 oz Flip Top, 4 oz, 4 oz Flip Top

The WildFire™ Pepper Spray is the perfect choice for those looking for maximum protection. This 4 oz canister of 1.4% MC pepper stream spray is designed for highest effectiveness and hot, hot heat. It contains 2,000,000 SHU’s of raw pepper to enable pain relief and other effects that can last up to 45 minutes while causing no permanent damage. With a range of 13-15 feet and an ultraviolet identifying dye to aid in the recognition of attackers, this pepper spray gives you great protection at home or on the go with its leatherette holster and belt clip.

Product Features:

– Contains 1.4% MC pepper stream spray for great protection.

– Made from 2,000,000 SHU’s of raw pepper with effects lasting up to 45 minutes without causing any long term damage.

– Ultraviolet identifying dye allows for easier identification of attacker post incident.

– Range of up to 13-15 feet allowing adequate distance from attacker when spraying.

– Includes a leatherette holster and belt clip for portable carry around town or on long walks/hikes etc.

– Available in two sizes: 2oz flip top stream & 4oz flip top stream both with an approximate 18 – 20 one second burst capacity.