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Rootbeer Diversion Safe

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Additional information

Weight 0.7 lbs

The DS-Rootbeer Can Safe discreetly store your valuables by hiding them in plain sight! The innovative can-safe diversion container looks and feels like a regular rootbeer can, but features a removable top and bottom that opens up to reveal roomy interior compartments for storing valuables. This unique home-security product is made of strong metal that offers protection against break-ins, fire and natural disaster, making it the perfect way to protect small valuables from burglars or curious family members. The Rootbeer Can Safe is even weighed to feel full for added authenticity.

Product Features:

– Strong metal construction for added protection against burglary, fire and natural disasters.

– Discreetly hides and stores valuables while blending in with other items on shelves or counters.

– Authentic look and feel of a real root beer can, complete with weighted contents to give an authentic full feeling.

– Removable top and bottom sections provide easy access to valuable items stored inside.

– Interior dimensions of safe measure 1” x 3 ½” which allows enough space to store jewelry, cash, documents or other small items.

– Perfect solution for discreetly storing personal belongings when travelling in hotels or other areas away from home.