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Repeller Stun Baton Black

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Weight 1.3 lbs

Introducing the Repeller, the ultimate security device. Featuring a 120 dB alarm that releases an intense and loud sound to draw attention from bystanders and scare away unwanted intruders. Its 120 lumen flashlight turns night into day to blind your attacker – giving you time to flee or call for help. The unit runs off 4.6 milliamps depending on battery freshness, so it can be used for as little or as long as desired–all of this within a 12” x 1 ½” frame.

The unit also comes complete with a wrist strap with disable pin, nylon holster, rechargeable batteries with charging cable, rubberized coating and most importantly a lifetime warranty —giving you peace of mind knowing its well built and if anything should happen it will be replaced right away.

Product Features:

-120 dB Alarm: invokes fear in attackers/intruders

-120 Lumen Flashlight: bright light to blind attackers – gives you time to flee/call for help

-4.6 Milliamps Battery Power: no hidden power costs – lasts as long or short circuit wanted

-12″x1½” Frame: small but powerful enough to protect

-Wrist Strap with Disable Pin: gives users extra control & security

-Rechargeable Batteries with Charging Cable: lightweight & durable, allows for easy recharging when needed

-Nylon Holster: comfortable carrying accessory for travel & everyday life

-Rubberized Coating: provides waterproof protection against shock & damage

-Lifetime Warranty: Feel secure that if something should happen, it will be replaced right away