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Pepper Shot 1.2% MC Tri-Pack Pepper Spray

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The PS-TRI is a pepper spray tri-pack, made with Pepper Shot 1.2% MC concentration formula, which packs a powerful punch and offers maximum protection. The tri-pack includes 2 oz of pepper spray for home use, 1/2 ounce auto visor clip and 1/2 ounce keychain. This highly effective solution provides an easy to carry, pocket / handbag design, with an impressive range of 10-12 feet for the 2 oz stream, and 6-8 feet for the 1/2 oz units.

Each unit also contains a UV identifying dye to help law enforcement identify attackers, as well as 10 – 12 one second bursts from the larger stream and 6 – 10 from the smaller versions. The effects of Pepper Shot last up to 45 minutes but cause no permanent damage, so you can be sure you’re always prepared in any situation.

Product Features:

– Pepper Shot 1.2% Major Capsaicinoids formula offers maximum protection

– Pocket / handbag design offers easy carrying and convenience

– 2 oz stream has a range of 10-12ft; and 6-8ft range for 1/2 oz units

– Contains UV identifying dye to help law enforcement identify attackers

– 10 – 12 one second bursts in 2oz; 6 -10 in 1⁄2oz units

– Lasts up to 45 minutes but causes no permanent damage