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Mace® Pepper Spray Jogger – Black

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Weight 0.2 lbs

The Mace® 80761 Pepper Spray Jogger provides you with a portable and powerful means of protection for your daily runs or outdoor activities. With its 18 gram unit and range of 12 feet, the pepper spray jogger will provide you with 20 one second bursts of defense at the press of a button. Also featuring a velcro-like strap, you can securely fix this pepper spray to the hand; making sure it’s always ready if needed. And with its small size and light weight, the pepper spray jogger easily fits onto any key-ring; allowing for easy accessibility should you need it in an emergency.

Product Features:

– Ideal for sports and outdoor activities like running or hiking.

– 18 Gram unit delivers up to 12 feet of range with 20 short bursts of defense at the press of a button.

– Velcro-like strap comfortably fits around your hand ensuring ready access in case of an emergency.

– Compact design is small enough to carry on your key-chain making it convenient and easy to access when needed most.

– Can be locked into off position to prevent accidental discharge while carrying in pocket or purse.