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Inert Practice Defensive Spray


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Weight 0.1 lbs
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½ oz, 2 oz Stream, 2 oz Fogger

INERT provides a non-toxic and safe alternative to traditional pepper sprays, providing an effective training tool in the use of defensive sprays without causing any permanent harm. These water-based INERT practice defensive sprays are pressurized with nitrogen, allowing users to become proficient at using a defense spray on targets.

Product Features:

– Non-toxic and safe alternative to traditional pepper sprays; no permanent harm caused.

– Pressurized with nitrogen for realistic action and required force needed when using a real pepper spray.

– Great for practice sessions or target training.

– Generates streams of water that reach up to 10 feet away.

– Compatible with most pocket models and holsters.

– Refillable container holds up to 4 ounces of water/spray liquid.

– Easy toggle switch operation; place hand under canister before firing shots to safely release dispersion in the air.

– Perfect for personal defense training or situational awareness drills.