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Heart Attack Key Chain


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Weight 0.06 lbs

The HA-1 Heart Attack is designed to help protect you against attackers. It’s a small, lightweight plastic instrument that fits right onto your keychain, giving you the ability to deliver serious damage with a quick punch. Instead of taking uncertain measures and putting yourself in harm’s way, let the HA-1 do the work for you. It features an ergonomic handle that fits easily between your fingers and concentrates the force of each punch, allowing you to maximize your power with minimal effort. With its highly durable plastic shell and anti-slip design, it ensures secure grip even in wet conditions.

Product Features:

– Small and lightweight – can fit on any keychain for easy access

– Ergonomic handle for secure grip – fits between fingers for maximum force

– Highly durable plastic shell provides lasting protection

– Anti-slip design – even works in wet conditions

– Ideal self defense tool – delivers powerful punches quickly and effectively

– Respond rapidly against attackers – use when seconds count