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Hairspray Diversion Safe

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Interior dimensions of safe 1 ¾” x 4″

Additional information

Weight 0.85 lbs

Introducing the DS-HAIRSPRAY Diversion Safe, the perfect inconspicuous way to store your valuable items and personal possessions. This cleverly disguised hairspray container has a hidden compartment to store small items such as jewelry, money or documents without drawing unnecessary attention. The removable top and bottom allow for access to the secret hideaway, while a full-sized can of hairspray conceals its existence from potential invaders. Its features include:


• Discreet storage in plain sight– blends in with other items on the shelf

• Removable top and bottom for easy access to secret hideaway

• Weighted to feel like full cans of hairspray

• Comes with an indistinguishable genuine product label for added credibility

• Lid seals tightly for added security

• Works with a wide variety of personal care, household products, and food containers.

DS-HAIRSPRAY Diversion Safe makes it easier than ever to stash away most valuable possessions protect them from burglaries—right in plain view! Take your security into your own hands while keeping up appearances. Get yours today!