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70 Million volt Gator Stun gun with Flashlight

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70 Million volt Gator Stun gun with Flashlight

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Weight 1.9 lbs

The Gator Stun Baton is a powerful and reliable defensive tool designed to protect you and your loved ones from potential attackers. It delivers 70 million volts of electrical shock with a 4.9 milliamps intensity, enough to temporarily incapacitate any attacker, giving you the time needed to escape or call for help. The 180 lumens integrated LED flashlight helps you illuminate dark areas in addition to being an effective way to disorient attackers with its strobe light mode. Built using aircraft grade aluminum, the Gator features a non-slip grip ideal for tactical situations and comes with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind. The kit includes the stun baton and flashlight, instructions, battery charger (2 18650 batteries), and nylon holster.

Product Features:

• 70 Million Voltage stun gun for powerful self-defense protection

• 4.9 milliamps of electrical current

• 180 Lumen LED Flashlight provides blinding light up to 150 meters away

• 3 Light Modes: maximum, medium, or strobe mode

• Aircraft Grade Aluminum construction

• 13 ¾” Long x 1 ¼” Wide body size

• Lifetime Warranty included for maximum reliability

• Battery charger, lithium battery (2 18650 batteries) included for portability and ease of use

• Nylon Holster to securely hold your Gator Stun Baton