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Mini Alert Infrared Alarm


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Weight 0.46 lbs

The MINI2040 is a portable, battery-operated alarm system that utilizes advanced passive infrared technology. This powerful security solution creates a virtually impenetrable infrared triangle barrier to protect any room from intruders and alert you if it senses movement. Easily transportable and installable with the included mounting bracket, this system requires no wiring and simply requires three AA batteries for operation. With the MINI2040 by your side, you have the peace of mind knowing your home, office or business is protected from potential intruders!

Product Features:

– Battery operated; requires three AA batteries (not included).

– Easy installation with mounting bracket included in package.

– Uses advanced passive infrared technology to detect movements inside a room.

– Set up an invisible triangular “barrier” that’s impossible to penetrate without setting off the alarm.

– Portable; can be easily moved to a new location without wiring or needing extra setup.

– Produces high pitched audio alarm when triggered.

– LED indicator on box when movement has been detected.