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Lager Beer Diversion Safe



Interior dimensions of safe 1″ x 3 ½”

Additional information

Weight 0.7 lbs

Introducing the DS-LAGER beer diversion safe – the perfect way to keep your valuables secure. This diversion safe looks like a real can of lager beer and is weighted to feel full, so it won’t raise any suspicion even if it’s in plain sight. With its removable top and bottom, you can easily store cash and small personal items away from prying eyes. It also comes with all the necessary parts for the installation and includes detailed instructions that outline how to add or remove items from your vault. You don’t have to worry about anyone breaking into it either – it includes a high quality locking system that prevents unauthorized access.

Product Features:

– Looks like real Lager Beer Can and weighs as much as regular can for authenticity

– Removable top and bottom allows items to be stored discreetly

– Includes all necessary parts for installation

– Comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual

– High quality locking system keeps unauthorized people out of your safe

– Protects small personal items, cash, jewelry, documents etc.

– Blends in with other objects on shelves or counter surfaces